Saturday, March 28, 2015

The boys

Time to update silly picture of the boys.

We made pizza and Matthew wanted crushed Oreo on his.  Yum?

Lid marching band before bed. 

so tired he couldn't even get under the covers.  I put Ethan to bed and he was out by the time I got back. 

Phantom and his boy, snuggling on Phantom's bed.  he is in such a good home!

Sick boys...colds suck!

St. Patrick day parade.  That's Ethan on Alex's shoulder in the middle. 

Matthew had so much fun chasing after candy and plastic coins. 

I will never understand how children can sleep like this. 

Two binkies?  Really Ethan?

Matthew looking for leprechauns at school. 

Ethan, those stickers go on the rewards chart, not on your head. 

Look mom, an elephant. 

Matthew got batman bank from his best friend Rian.  He was so excited and happy about it. 

Ethan's version of "helping" to unpack summer clothes. 

Ethan had a lot of fun on the motorcycle we got for the boys. 

The boys are starting to enjoy exploring the back yard. Yeah!!1

Bike ridding time!

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