Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dr.Suess week and more

It was Dr. Suess week at matthew's school and on wednesday it was wear a crazy had day like the "cat in the hat".  Matthew and Grandpa had a great time making a hat a breakfast!

Matthew and his best best best friend Rian.  He looks so tiny next to her in that huge hat.  These too are inseparable at school and have been in the same class since they were 9 months old.  who's gonna tell them that they won't be in kindergarten together?   Please not me.....

Really Matthew?  Who sleeps with their head hanging off the bed?

speaking of silly sleepers.... Silly Eddie!
And last but not least..... Friday last week was dress like your favorite Dr. Seuss character.... Can you guess what he is?

the Lorax!!!  Not bad if I do say so myself considering I sowed it together in 30 minutes before school and work. 

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