Saturday, March 28, 2015

Denmark visits

Denmark - Dilbert's  carrer changed brother, who lives with a friend of mine came to stay at the "kaplun puppy spa" for a week.

Denmark, hot from playing with Eddie.
Gotta love this expression!

Time to get some of denmarks energy out and go for a bike ride. 

Ethan just loves Demark and kept trying to kiss him.  Denmark was in need of a bath and so got one outside while the kids rode their bikes. 

Best buddies!

"Please will you take me for a run? Please?"

Denmark!  You are not a lap dog... you weigh like 100 pounds!

Oh good grief.... he really insists on laying in my lap!

nothing beats hugs from Ethan!

Calm for a split second!  Look at those two cuties!

Denmark waiting for his "people" to come get him. 

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