Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Matthew and Vigo's first Christmas

We were still in Breck for Christmas so Matthew's and Vigo's first Christmas was a bit nontraditional.   Below are some pictures from Christmas day and the actual opening of the presents on the 26th when we got home.
 Full Moon on Christmas Eve

Matthew and I after dinner at an Indian restaurant on Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning... Matthew and Alex are hanging out before going skiing. 

Christmas Morning in Vail Village

Vail Christmas Morning

View from the back bowls at Vail. 

Alex and I at Two Elk's lodge.

Alex in the back bowls. 

While we were skiing, Matthew and Grandma and Grandpa were enjoying a relaxing Christmas day.

Grandpa and Matthew take a nap

View from Loveland Pass on the way home the next day. 

Grandpa and Matthew the day after Christmas back at home. 

Grandma working on preparing "Christmas dinner"....   Vigo's helping. 

Matthew by the tree before opening presents. 

Its hard work getting a 4 month old baby to pose when all he wants to do is eat his hands.  

Grandpa and Matthew playing

When we finished opening presents, I couldn't find Vigo.... he was sleeping under the wrapping paper.

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