Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trip to the Zoo

Alex and I took Matthew to the Denver Zoo for the first time yesterday.  Alex and I really enjoyed it.  I'm not sure what Matthew thought but he seem to have fun.

Matthew's First Trip to the Zoo

It was perfect day; cool and cloudy.  Most of the animals were very active. 

Matthew and I by the Giraffes.  The two babies were so cute!

Since the photo work shop I took a few weeks back, I have been trying to shoot all my pictures in complete manual mode.  It's tough.  But here I finally got a decent one of a seal that was correctly exposed.  They were a ton of fun to watch play. 

Matthew really liked the lizard that is over my right shoulder. 

Daddy helped to carry the big boy too.   (He weighs over 18 pounds now)

I was so excited to see that they now have penguins!!  They were outside so you could get really close, but man did they smell!

"Really honey, do you have to keep taking pictures?"

Alex and Matthew check out the Mandrills

"tweet, tweet"

This is my favorite shot of the whole day!  Its a bit blurry but it really makes me laugh.  This is a tapir and it looks funny because it's shaking its head.   Alex and I have played with these in the wild in Ecuador.  They are the neatest creatures; so gentle.

On our way out, it was a great day!

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Crazy Momma said...

Looks like fun I was really hoping to take the kids Friday but now the weather is being a bit crabby with me.
Great pictures!