Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Egg Hunts

This was Matthew's fist Easter when he could partially enjoy the many activities of the season.  On the Saturday before Easter we went to a local sports store for an Easter Egg Hunt.  We were late so most of the Eggs were gone by the time we got there.  Matthew didn't care at all about the Eggs... All he wanted to do was gather large rocks.   Then on Sunday we hid Eggs in our backyard and all went out in our PJ's to find eggs with jelly beans and peanut butter cups in them.  He had a blast!

"Where are all the eggs mom?"

"Forget Eggs... Check out this cool rock!!"

He filled his basket full of rocks and tried to lift it and carry it around.  Too Cute!

"I found an Egg..... and OMG it has candy in it!!!"

"I wonder what this one has in it?"

"yippee!!!  Two more!!"

Notice his butt is covered in mulch... its so fun to play in the dirt in your PJ's

"look there's another one!"

"Grandpa Johns is so cool!  He taught me to hang in the tree like a monkey!"

Adrenalin junkie at 19 months?

"I'll jump if you catch me!?!"

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