Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wild Animal Sanctuary

Matthew and I went to a local Wild Animal Sanctuary yesterday.  They rescue predators and then house them on huge acres of land.  There is a 1+ mile long walk way that is above the animals.  I really enjoyed taking pictures and I think Matthew had fun too.

"Yippee!  We're really gonna go this time!!  Yippee!"

"Whew... it sure is hot!"

She looks so cuddly... to bad she would probably eat me. 

He is laying just like our kitty does... silly kitties.

"Wait mom, here I come!"

That wolf is either pregnant or really fat!

Look at the size of those paws!  She had an itch. 

I think the obesity epidemic has hit the animal reserve!

Matthew Kicking back in the stroller.

The Tigers were so pretty!

The Tigers were huge.  It was so cute to watch this one drink. 

Taking it all in. 

No wonder the bears are so fat... look a all that fruit!


Mrs. H said...

Wow, cool! Looks hot but fun! Thanks for checking it out!

Mama Mayhem said...

What a great day! He is getting so big