Monday, December 17, 2012

First attempt at skiing

I am so behind in posts, forgive me. I had to take my vacation time at work or loose it so we all headed to the mountains for a few days. We thought it would be fun to teach Matthew how to ski.

Our cute little one bedroom condo at the base of the slopes.  Was cheaper than a hotel!

Matthew climbing after we arrived.

It's been challenging so far. He seems to enjoy it but a two year old having a tantrum on a ski lift is scary! He is terrified of the magic carpet so we have been sticking to lifts.

Alex and Matthew headed down the "learning" slopes.  It was cold and very snowy. 

Matthew and Daddy

Day #2 - we got smart and found wagons to pull of our stuff around - including matthew. 

Yeah!  Skiing!

Off they go again. 

A screaming very scared Matthew on the magic carpet. 

"yeah for the Gondola!!!"

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