Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dilbert and Suki

My friend Maddie got a new guide dog puppy last week.  Her name is suki and she is 12 weeks old.  She is a Salt Lake City puppy.  Maddie still has a few weeks left of college for the year so I helped out for a few days with Suki.

Miss Suki

A cute Dilbert at work

Dilbert and Suki sharing a nylabone.  

Snuggle time - she is so clam and such a snuggle bug!

Dilbert taught Suki how to play tug

Dilbert seems so huge compared to Suki.  Here is just holding on to one of Suki's toys. 

Playing tug on tie downs?

Good friends already

Snuggle time!

Dilbert shows Suki how to "work" at work with me. 

Puppies working hard

Suki figured out how its done.... laying and chilling.   She did amazing.  No accidents or anything!

Time to go home.  What good puppies!

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