Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lots of photos

Oh, I am still so behind.   On August 21st our new Guide Dog Puppy arrived.   Willoughby! He is seen here with his sister Waikiki.  They are 9 weeks old at the time of these pictures.

Willoughby is on the left (yellow) and Waikiki is on the right (black). 

OMG!  Such sweet siblings!

Ethan absolutely LOVES our new puppy Willoughby!  

"mommy!  Puppy kiss me!!!"  Look how fat Willoughby is!!  So cute!!

"Where's Ethan??"

Oh, there he is!!!!

Matthew is in love with our new Puppy too!

"Why did you wake me up?!?!  I was sleeping!!!"

Oh little puppies are so goofy!

Four of us in Fort Collins have changed clubs are now part of the Boulder club.  It is fantastic!!!  The people are so nice and we learn so much.  We thought Eddie (our lost puppy that went back at 5 months doing to many different issues") was there!!!  We were all shocked!  He is so big now and still pretty much a disaster but improving. 

Oh willoughby!!!!  Look at those fuzzy wrinkles!!!!  He's so squishy!

Again,   puppies are such goofy sleepers!!

Left - Wilmet, Middle - Willoughby, Right - Waikiki --- Can you believe it, they are all siblings.  How dongs can be siblings and have such different coloring is amazing. 

Headed home from the boulder puppy club meeting. 

Willoughby is already good at the Guide Dog Scoot... How did he manage to fit himself so far under the seat?

Oh how I just Love cute Puppy faces!

Willoughby and Waikiki were having a play date and I gave them a plastic bottle to play with .  I didn't think about the fact that the opening was large.... And.... the goofball puppies got their heads stuck in it.  I mean really?!?  What goof balls!

Just like kids, Puppies are so cute when they sleep

Ethan absolutely ADORES his brother Matthew!  

Fun snuggle times watching a movie. 


It is just so sweet to see them all snuggled up!

"what?  We're being good, we promise!"

An amazing sunset.... The bars were actually there.... It was from the smoke from the wildfires in  California. 

I was brushing my teeth and Willoughby was right next to me... then all of a sudden he wasn't.  I found him seconds later, in the pile of clothes that Alex calls his closet. 

So Sleepy

Again, so sweet when they are sleeping!

"Guys!!! Um Guys????  Let me out!!!!"

future Piano player?

Phantom turned two and had a birthday party!  Happy Birthday Phantom!

Beautiful picture of the Oregon coast sent to me by Alex. 

I absolutely LOVE this picture.... Ethan is so Happy and Matthew is so annoyed!  

Oh how the boys love my iPhone!

Sound asleep on his toy felt ball. 

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