Saturday, November 28, 2015

Random Pictures and Halloween

Drinks with a good friend!

Oh Willoughby... get up its time to go out... he wouldn't even wake up after I put on his  gentle leader...

Outing in Boulder... we had 20+ puppies on a local bus. 

Scary face pancakes at iHop!!

This is how we put shoes on in the morning!

"look what I did"

At our Karate Halloween party...  A happy minion and a very grumpy Gladiator

All this Halloween stuff is so exhausting. 

"I am NOT happy to be a dancing pink hippo!!!"

Fun out with Grandma and Grandpa

Trick or Treating

Monster HotDog!

"This is so embarrassing!"

Checking out their loot

"ok... A bumble bee is a bit better"


"will someone out there help me?  PLEASE!"


"is there no end to this humiliation..."

Saved the best for last.... Yoda Puppy. 

Halloween is exhausting!

what a silly snuggle!

Dinosaur day at Matthew's school 

What a goof... maybe he is trying to hang himself after all the halloween humiliation. 

"look!  I can fold my bed"

Being two is so exhausting. 

Matthew and I tested last week and I got my orange belt and matthew got his green!  I was so proud of him! I love the picture in the bottom left... our little guy in the middle of all those older taller men. 

Um... Willoughby.... I don't think Ethan's sofa fits you any more. 

Ethan!  Why is there a plastic hanger around Willoughby's neck?

"Hint, hint... I'm hungry... I would like to be fed please!"

Poor sick boy... fevers are no fun. 

Vroom, vroom!

"now this bed is more my size!!"

"I'm so happy!!"

"look, if the two sofas are together I can fit on them!"

"What's this white stuff?  I sure do like to run through it and eat it!"

"You don't see me... I'm so embarrassed to be caught shopping!"

It appears that no amount of snow will keep our Matthew off of his trampoline!

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