Saturday, October 9, 2010

All you can do is laugh.

Matthew is almost two months old and so far even despite the lack of sleep, I love being a mom.  Everyday something happens to make me realize how precious life is.   A few days ago Matthew and I went shopping at a local mall.  I was trying on some shirts when he suddenly got really fussy.  I realized it was about three o'clock..... time for a poo poo.  You see, most babies poop several times a day but not my baby....  he takes two VERY large poops a day and one is always right around 3pm.  So while trying on clothes I sniffed and knew that yes, he was fussy because it was 3pm poo poo time.  We quickly left the store and went to the car to change his diaper (it was an outside mall with no restrooms).  I put him on a changing mat on the driver side while I sat in the passenger's seat.   When I got to his diaper I found that his poo had leaked out and all over his legs and and was all over his clothes (not an uncommon occurrence).  He then proceeded to  kick his legs and flung poo all over my dashboard and steering wheel.  The kick also resulted in poop on his foot and hands.  And of course he then raised his arms and got poo all over his head.  At this point I could do nothing but sit back and laugh.  Eventually I got him and my car cleaned up and headed home to give him a bath. 

Today I put Matthew down in the pack and play for a nap.  I had just put a fresh sheet on and he looked so sweet sleeping quietly.   A few minutes later I checked on him and found him laying in a pool of vomit.  It was all over his face, head, arms and chest... oh and he had also projectile vomited all across the pack and play too.  It didn't seem to bother him any though, he was wide awake cooing and joyfully looking around.  Again, all I could do was just look at him and think gosh I love this puke covered baby and then laugh at the situation.... and then of course he got another bath.  Thankfully he loves baths. 

I am profoundly sleep deprived, get spit up on and puked on regularly, clean up stinky leaky poopy diapers, wash outfit after outfit, scrub bottles, get up at 3am to pump fresh milk and yet somehow I love it.   Parenthood is a strange wonderful ride.


Raiser Erin said...

I absolutely LOVE this post. It reminds me of how much I love puppy raising even though I was sleep deprived the first 2 months I had Rocco because of his vomitting every night and I contantly had to clean diarrhea off of Freya. :)

This post just made me laugh and smile. :)

lauren said...

Welcome to my world ;) Hard (okay, impossible) to explain until you've been there. And may I point out that you just blogged publicly about poop?! You are officially a mom now!