Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Stuff

As many of you know from reading previous posts of mine.... October is breast cancer awareness month.  Alex and I woke the other day and we had been "flocked".  It was done by the women's recourse center in town to draw attention to breast cancer awareness.  I am not sure why they choose our yard but it was cute.

Last year it snowed early so I didn't get a chance to cut back any of the trees and bushes in our yard.... and this summer I was just too pregnant to do it.  We had a very wet spring (for this area) and so our yard was out of control.  I spent two days, when Matthew would let me (he hung out by me in his car seat), cutting back our yard.  And boy am I sore!  A friend is going to let us use his truck this weekend to take all of it to a compost yard.

Alex didn't have to work yesterday and so when I came in from doing yard work, I found him sitting on the couch with Matthew asleep beside him....   He seemed to like it, whenever we lifted up the hood he would fuss and cry.

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