Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rule Breaker

We sometimes use a pen in side the house when we have more than one puppy to keep them from running around crazy.  I was feeding Matthew and looking at the puppies when I began to ask myself.... how do I teach the Guide Dog rules to my 8 month old child.... I can give a puppy a correction but I can't give a baby one.   I decided that the only way is to teach the puppy and then let the baby be a constant teaching tool.

"Nice Puppies... do you want some of my rice cracker?"

Irene quickly took Matthew up on his offer and then got a big correction from me for both jumping up and taking the food. 

A little while later he offered what was left of his cracker to Vigo... who just looked at me as if to say... "can I please?"

After eating some squash Matthew "walked" over to the puppies again and offered Irene his spoon.  He giggled and squealed when Irene jumped up and started licking him.  The picture is blurry because I was jumping up to correct Irene. 

"he he the puppy likes squash too!"

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