Friday, April 1, 2011

Silly Puppy

I was going down the stairs last week with Matthew on my left hip and Vigo behind me....  Vigo likes to try and stick his head in between my legs and be silly.  Well for some reason this past week things went dreadfully wrong.  My knee dislocated and my whole knee went out to the left and I fell.  I managed to not land on Vigo's head and didn't drop Matthew.   Alex came quickly to my rescue but I ended up with one very messed up knee and a trip to the ER.  UGH!  I can't thank all my friends enough that came to help out while I went to the ER.

My poor knee in an immobilizer. 


lauren said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!!!

Carrie and Waffle said...

ouch! silly puppy indeed. Hope you feel better soon!

Dagan said...

At my house, that is a good sign! The puppies who injure me ALWAYS graduate (the dislocated jaw, broken nose, broken foot, elbow injury)

Hope you are feeling better soon!