Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Alex had to study today so I spent the day with Matthew.  We went to Rocky Mountain National Park and went for a hike.  I thought most of the snow would melted but boy was I wrong.  We tried to hike up to Alberta falls but there was 4 to 10 feet of snow still on the ground.  I didn't bring my snow shoes or my poles so it was slow going.  I didn't want to fall and hurt Matthew.  We had a great time though.  Her are a few pictures from out outing.

Were off for an afternoon of FUN

Self portrait about an hour into our hike

Break time for mama.  

Say Cheese

Self Portrait #2... at this point we were officially lost and I'd realized that we were NOT on the trail to the falls.  So we turned around and headed back. 

Still a happy baby as mom tries to find her way back to the parking lot.  It's a lot harder to follow a trail when you can't see it because it's covered in 4 to 10 feet of snow. 

Matthew decided to shift his weight right in the middle of me crossing this bridge.  We almost fell. 

Yeah we found our way back to the main trail. 

No trip into the mountains would be complete without a few "pretty" pictures. 

Moraine Park

Headed out of the park, had to stop to feed a hungry baby. 

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Crazy Momma said...

Looks like a nice mother's day. Happy first mother's day!