Sunday, March 11, 2012

A fun weekend

This winter has been terrible for skiing.  We just haven't gotten much snow.  Because of this, Alex and I haven't gone to the mountains all the much.  This weekend however, I just couldn't wait any longer and we went to Keystone despite not great snow.  Below are a whole bunch of pictures from the weekend. 

Alex and Matthew waiting in line for the Gondola to go up to play in the Ice Fort. 

Matthew was mesmerized by all the people in skies and with Boards. 

Matthew and I in the Gondola. 

Matthew and I with the Keystone Puppy at the top. 

Matthew and I at the top of the mountain... such a beautiful view!

The Snow Fort

Matthew exploring the tunnels in the fort. 

He loved all of the tunnels!

Matthew kept walking around saying... "snow, snow, snow"

They had a slide built into the fort and of course Matthew had to slide on it over and over again!  He loved it!

Matthew loved sitting on the walls.  


He spent a good bit of time on his tummy... it was slippery up there. 

Here comes Matthew

On our way back to the car Matthew pointed to a Buffalo statue and really wanted to sit on it. 


View from the Gondola... Take a breath of that!

Pictures I took while skiing on Saturday. 

Again... view of the mountains while skiing on saturday. 

All good things must come to an end... we had to head home.  Matthew loved riding on the luggage carrier. 

Poor Matthew woke up with a high fever today and by the time we got home this is all he wanted to do... lay on his fuzzy blankets and suck on his "Binky".  Poor guy!

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