Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sleeping silly again!

If you read my blog often you saw the recent post of Petunia sleeping upright.  Not only does she sleep in weird positions in the house but she does it in the car too.

I don't know who that can be comfortable!  She stayed like that for about an hour!

She was naughty at work again.  She pulled items off the top shelf of my book shelf and tried to eat them so she didn't get to stay on a tie down.  She spent the rest of the day in her kennel in my office.  She looks so sad.

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Mandy and Norton said...

hey Stacie - I got a new puppy last month named Norton and his dad is Vernon, Vigo's brother! I scoured your blog for pictures of Vernon :) and would love to see more, if you (or Vernon's raisers!) want to share. Norton is really, really cute. Did Vernon's raisers get one of the "N" pups?