Tuesday, June 12, 2012

High Park Fire

The terribly destructive High Park Fire started 15 miles northwest of our home town of Fort Collins.  Dry conditions, 90 degree weather and crazy winds resulted in rapid spread of the fire.  At the time of this post it has burned over 40,000 acres.   The ash and smoke in town is terrible.   Many of my patients have been evacuated from their homes and it is really just horrible.   The one positive thing about the fire is that all the smoke makes for beautiful sunsets.

The smoke on the first day of the fire. 

On sunday we went down town for a festival and at the end as we were leaving I snapped this picture from the parking garage. 

View of the smoke over the hill in the park behind our house

The smoke behind our house

Blackhawk flying through the smoke

The smoke is coming from the mountains on the left and moving off to the right. 

Buster, my friend's dog that I am watching, ran off with her leash while I was taking pictures. 


Beautiful clouds

The setting sun was burnt red

Reminds me a lot of the smokey's in North Carolina.  

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