Friday, June 1, 2012


Petunia is by far the most challenging puppy I have raised thus far.  She is 14 months old and still acts like she is 4 months old.  Just when I think she is starting to mature she back tracks and gets worse.  I haven't given up yet though.  I keep hoping that when she eventually goes into heat it will help.  I took her hiking with Matthew and I the other day and took a few cute pictures of her.  She may be one of the most difficult puppies I've raised but she is also one of the cutest!

What a pretty girl!

Posing for pictures is tough work. 

Petunia in front of Mt. Evans

 A muddy and wet petunia on our attempt at a 14er together

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Raiser Erin said...

She definitely is a cutie! I wouldn't worry too much about her hyperactiveness. :) She's probably a late bloomer and it might all come together in her little labbie head as soon as she gets to formal training. Haha!