Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dilbert update

I've been so busy and sick with my pregnancy that I have fallen way behind on my blog. Below are some Dilbert pictures.

I really wonder if he will ever learn to sleep with a bit of modesty at work. 

Watching Robins out the window at work.  This is the most intensity you will ever see out of Dilbert...

5 minutes later... dead to the world... "phew, watching robins is a lot of work!"

We have a transfer puppy new to our club.  As it turns out it is one of Dilberts 10 siblings.  This is Denmark.  Can you believe they are liter mates?

The little puppy next to Dilbert is 4 months.  Dilbert is just over 6 months old.   The puppy on the far left is 15 months old.... Dilbert is a huge huge huge 58 pound puppy. 

Dilbert got neutered this week.  This a poor sleepy drugged puppy post surgery. 

I came out of the bathroom before bed and found a still drugged and sleep Dilbert sleeping on a pillow that had fallen off the bed.  I let him keep it for the night given he had lost his manhood that day. 

Family drive in the mountains.  There wasn't much room for Dilbert, Matthew and I in the back so we all just jammed in.  Poor Dilly!

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