Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Matthew update

I'm so behind in blogging and since I print it our and use it as our family journal each year I thought I might as well do one big Matthew update.

Helping Daddy with tools


"yummm, Ice cream for breakfast!!!"  Mommy was to sick to complain. 

Lassie mustache at our local Indian restaurant. 

How do you get the small truck out that is at the bottom of the toy chest?  Why climb in the box and get it of course. 

Our budding artist

A friend of mine asked me to make a tiramisu cake in the shape of a hockey rink for her son's 6 year birthday party. 

Matthew wanted to help me make the cake.... he was a great helper. 

I got distracted by the Bronco's game while I was making the icing and my fluffy icing turned into butter.  Oops!  Kahlua flavored butter anyone. 

The finished product. 

My boys cleaning up after the snow. 

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