Sunday, March 17, 2013

catch up

I've been so busy lately that I haven't done much blogging.  So I thought I would do one big post with lots of pictures. 

Naughty Dilbert.... chewed up a thing of ribbon. 

Spring in Colorado is full of unexpected small snows.  After grocery shopping Matthew had to help me clean and shovel off the car. 

My boys in the car - best buds

Another Fun surprise snow.

Snowboarding with Daddy in the back yard

Mamma's big helper

A cold morning in Loveland at the ice sculpture show - he loved grandpa's hat!

We had lunch at the Denver Aquarium one day.  Matthew loved looking at all the big fish. 
"you aren't eating one of my friends are you?"

"I like this one mommy!  Dinosaurs!!"

We made cookies and iced them... I think Matthew ate more icing than he put on the cookies. 

yeah, some icing is making it on to the cookies.

A box is such a great toy! 

I'm ready for the "big Blizzard"

We were suppose to get 2-3 feet of snow but instead got 5 inches.  We went out in the snow to play and all Matthew wanted to do was play in the sand box. 
The Fort Collins Discovery Museum is awesome!!!  Matthew loves the drums!

Future Rock Star?

How does he end up this way?

Where is Mamma suppose to fit?

Where's Matthew?

Were working on noting letting him climb in our bed in the morning because this is what happens... no room for us!

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