Monday, March 18, 2013

Challenging Dilbert

Dilbert is the sweetest puppy but when it comes to guide dog stuff he is a bit of a challenge? We had his big evaluation this past week and he did not do well to say the least.  Barb said he was one of the most manipulative and stubborn puppy she had seen.  She spent 20 minutes trying to get him to do "down" and he just basically gave her the puppy version of the middle finger.  He won't do anything that you tell or ask him to do unless it is worth it to him.  

He is now on food protocol for EVERYTHING!  Crazy.  He's so sweet and calm but so stubborn.  We have been doing most of his meals now in the form of foot rewards and it is working pretty well.   I still will take this kind of challenge over a super high energy dog any day.

How can this cute little puppy be so stubborn?

I think Dilbert is trying to learn to do Jedi mind tricks..."You do not see the peanut butter jar in my mouth.  This is not the Jar you are looking for."

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