Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dilbert being naughty again

I came downstairs from putting Matthew to bed the other night and found Dilbert curled up on the couch.... what a naughty puppy.

Really Dilbert?  You know better!
A Sad Dilbert After I made him get off the cough...
and yes... his foot is in his mouth

Eater morning was beautiful so I took Matthew and Dilbert for a walk.  We were headed to the park behind out house when a pit-bull came running out of one of neighbors house and attacked Dilbert.  I had a hold of his leash so as they rolled into the street I was drug with them along with Matthew's stroller which got knocked over.  It was TERRIFYING.  Dilbert didn't fight back and thank god he has tons of fun around his neck.  No one was hurt but we all got scared a bit. 

Dilbert at the park after being attacked.
Noticed he has rubbed off his gentle leader. 

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