Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dilbert and the regional guide dog meeting in Denver

Poor Dilbert continues to struggle with near constant ear infections.  This past one was so bad that his canal was actually bleeding.  He was acting sick and would barely move all day.   I finally took him to the vet and they said that the reason he keeps getting infections is because he has bad allergies.  That can be a Guide Dog Death Sentence.  GDB will career change puppies quickly for bad allergies.  So we have him on Benadryl, medicine for his ear and we are changing his food.  Hopefully this will help.

A very sleepy sick puppy at work. 

Yesterday was our annual regional Guide Dog meeting in Denver.  It is always a fun event and I love seeing a room full of 30+ puppies all calm and quiet.  Amazes me every time.  Dilbert after his last eval was placed on food reward protocol for EVERYTHING and got a re-eval at the meeting.  He got a "much improved".  Yeah!!  All my hard work is paying off.    Below are some pictures from the meeting.

"Hi everyone... aren't I cute?"

Practicing go to bed

Dilbert being a good boy for a change

3 of the notorious "D" liter.  Dilbert, Denmark and Dusky (L to R).
 Denmark was career changed at the meeting for being
excessively attached to his raiser.  

Femi - based on the color of her nose she may carry some chocolate genes. 

Dilbert gets some loving from John to try and get him to "settle"

If an ear rub won't work, try a foot rub. 

We talked a lot about rewarding puppies for calm behavior.
This career changed dog has the relaxed thing down!

A row of cute puppies

Dilbert's litter mate Dusky

Dilbert and Dusky FINALLY settle 

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