Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Fun

Alex has been out of town this past week so it was up to me to play Easter Bunny this past Easter morning.  So I got up and in the good tradtion of our family made cinnamon rolls, that Matthew refused to even try and we had a candy and basket hunt.  It was tough to keep dilbert from pointing out all the hidden chocolate so he had to go on a tie down.

Look up high, look down low... where could the candy be?

"look mom!  Chocolate!"

And of course when we were all done we had to eat some.

What easter basket would be complete without 
some Gabba Gabba Big Boy undies.  
Probably the one and only time in his life he 
will be happy about receiving underwear as a gift!

What a lucky boy - Grandma and Grandpa 
brought Matthew an Easter Basket too.

During nap time the Easter Bunny hid eggs in the back yard.  We had so much fun running around and finding eggs. 

Yeah!  Eggs with candy in them!

hmm... what's in there?

An Egg was in there, silly bunny!

"Whew, this basket is getting heavy!"

"I need to rest and look at all my eggs"

"Silly Bunny! He put an Egg in the tree!"

"I found another one!!"

Wow that's a big bowl of candy from all those eggs!

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