Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Flying with a GDB puppy

I was flying up to Oregon for Dilbert's graduation and they asked me if I could take a recall puppy with me.  Since I love puppies and can't say No, I said sure we can take a puppy with us.

Little did I know that Portland would get its first snow in 20 years and our flight would be delayed by over 3 hours.  Flying with a three year old and a puppy with a flight delay was challenging but we made it. Guide dogs was amazing and I appreciate them so much.

Thank god for iPods!!!

A little blurry but still cute... they boys chilling

Dustin is a beautiful dog!

He was so sweet on the plane!

He was a bit nervous during take off but then settled down nicely. 
It was actually fun to fly with a puppy, challenging but fun. 

After a long delay we finally made it on to the plane. 

"Just checking in.... Are we there yet?"

He had three chairs to stretch out across and this is how he chose to sleep.  silly boy. 

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