Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kaplun Family Update

I've been too busy to blog so here are a few pictures from the last month. 

Brother's playing in the dirt while waiting for a table at Lucile's

Sunday morning breakfast together as a family

Grandpa Kaplun here for a weekend visit playing Dinosaurs with Matthew

Fun times!!  Ethan LOVES his birthday gift from Gma and Gpa Johns!

Matthew meets a friends new puppy - "carter"

Ethan!  What are you doing in Phantom's kennel again?

Matthew driving a tractor on Forth of July... sorry Photo is sideways.

I love my boys!!

What happens to a bag full of goldfish when they get thrown all over a dirty floor?   - they become food for the ducks at the pond of course!  Remarkably, Phantom didn't even try to eat them.  Maybe there is hope for him after all. 

Off on a bike ride with a very unhappy Ethan... He loves the ride but hates the helmet. 

I was invited to give a speech to all of the Colorado Kaiser managers about my work with Guide Dogs.  Phantom was so good and just slept before it was our turn to go on stage. 

"phew!  speaking engagements are exhausting!"

Fun Afternoon at the Pool. 

This is how Grandpa helps Matthew put on his shoes.... Silly Grandpa!

Matthew thinking he's pretty cool doing a "very dangerous" trick

Ethan and Daddy playing at the sprinkler park 

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!  WERE GOING TO THE US OPEN!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!

How is it that I put him to sleep in his bed and yet find him in mine an hour later....

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