Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It almost February.... but the year is off to a busy start

January has just flown by.  Below is a few pictures of our activities.

Really Ethan... That doesn't look like a comfortable way to sleep...

Alex's parents were here visiting so we all went up to Estes Park for a nice lunch

Ethan still isn't sure what to make of all this snow. 

Matthew on the other hand is ready to fight with an ice cycle.

Ethan loves his new ride and push bike that I got for Christmas.

We took Matthew to my friends house to play hockey and skate on their backyard ice rink... so much fun!

Darius, Imani and Matthew out on the Ice

Matthew and I trying out our new selfie stick.  Awesome!

I asked Matthew to help his brother up the steps and he grabbed his hand and pulled him right up. 

Ethan having fun in the snow at daycare

I couldn't find Ethan one night while getting the boys ready for bed, and I ended up finding him in the shower.  Silly boy!

the boys love to play games with grandpa on his ipad!

Bubbles!!!  I think I am about to get wet.... that looks like a mischievous expression on Matthew's face!

Yep... I was right.... I got wet!

Matthew had his first try at Karate!  He loved it and got his white belt. 

the boys love their new "kid size" sofas!

Matthew loved it so much when it first came that he would lug it around all over the house with him. 

Yep.... taking it everywhere....

Matthew at his second karate class. 

Front Punch

Movie time with popcorn

We were watching Irene for a weekend and she decided to join us for movie time and POPCORN.  She made sure any piece that was dropped was quickly cleaned up. 

Art Time!

RSV strikes our family.... Poor little sick Ethan!

Now wait just one minute.... Where am I suppose to sit?

I told Ethan it was time to go to bed and he climbed in the kennel and started to laugh. 

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