Monday, May 11, 2015

Helping a friend

My friend Brianna is in her third trimester and in an attempt to give her a break, her son came and spent Saturday with us.   It was a lot of fun despite the fact that it was the 10th straight day of rain we had had.

The boys playing with glitter glue. 

It just wouldn't stop raining so we squired water back at the rain. 

Its still raining.... what to do now... hmmm.... Moon sand!

My attempt at a cute lunch.... mac and cheese with M&M eyes and apples for a mouth. 

Ethan crashed before lunch but will and matthew seemed to enjoy it. 

Yep... its still raining... what do we do now.... hmmm.... Yes, magnex to the rescue!

The boys were very proud of the tower they made. 

I told them they could use my bed for "quiet time" and as I walked out I heard Matthew say "Don't worry Will, we won't really go to sleep."

And yes... it is still raining... what to do after quiet time... I know!  Let's jump on the trampoline and get some energy out!!!

Let's see.... what else.... let's paint!

And now let's clean up... Will was really excited to get to vacuum and did a great job cleaning!

So I am out of art project so what to do now.... I know, let's make cookies!!!

Will!  That is hot!  You are suppose to be putting the cookies on the paper not eating it. 

Happy boys eating the cookies they made.   The sitting part lasted an entire 5 minutes. 

Time to get out the trains!

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