Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sweet boys

Matthew.... If you are going to sleep in our bed, could you at least face the right direction so I can fit in too?
Matthew loves to crawl into Ethan's crib in the morning to wake him up. 

What do you see out there boys?

Really Colorado?  Snow in late May????

Every Wednesday they have live animal visits at Matthew and Ethan's Day care and a few weeks ago they had a pony come visit.  Matthew LOVED it!! 

Matthew watching our neighbors teenage son mow our lawn.  He said he was being the Boss.

The boys are having fun setting up our foam "aquarium"

I was in the closet hanging up a shirt and when I turned around I found Ethan sitting in the Toy basket... super cute!
What's going on outside boys?

Whatever it was it seems to be funny to Ethan!

Say Cheese!

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