Friday, July 3, 2015

Auntie Corrine's nature camp

For the fourth of July weekend I packed up the kids and we drove to my friends corrine's house.  I was off on Thursday and I woke at 4 AM with a migraine.... took meds and went back to bed.... woke at 6 and found a crying Ethan who had a fever.... Bummer!  Long story short by the time we were packed and on the road it was noon.  I didn't want to sit on the highway for hours so I decided to drive through Rocky Mountain National Park and take back roads.   It took us 6 hours and Ethan puked from the curvy roads but the beauty was worth it!  The pictures are in backwards order time wise --- just an FYI.

A beautiful lake in Riffle - Travertine makes it look so aqua.  The Lake was huge and gorgeous.  the beach was  really pretty too (not seen in this picture.)

We drove up this canyon where people were rock climbing.... apparently it  is a world famous site.   It was amazing at all the place we stopped to watch the people climbing up so high!  

Auntie Stacy carrying Ethan at the Fish Hatchery. 

Baby Trout swimming around. 

The boys had a lot of fun feeding the trout at the state fish hatchery. 

There were so many fish and as I did in my child hood.... I loved feeding them. 

Petunia - guide Dog puppy #4 - career changed - joined us for the weekend... it was is great to see her and she totally recognized me!

A very tired Ethan passed out in the Pack and Play. 

The gorgeous view from Corrine's house. 

Our first night hewer went for a hike and Matthew found Elk Antlers. 

Ethan on our bed time hike 

silly Antie Corrine explaining to Matthew how the Elk wear the Antlers 

Matthew Found Elk Antlers!  Really it wasn't staged?

Matthew explaining that what he is standing on are T-REX tracks. 

Uncle Luke taking the kids on their Pre-Bed adventure hike in their back yard. 

Beautiful sunset from Corrine's porch

minutes after arrival the boys were off exploring in the back yard. 

"Are we there yet?!?!?!"

Beautiful view on the way to Corrine's

View in Estes Park

Trail Ridge Road in RMNP

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