Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fun day

UThe second day up at "Corrine's nature camp" was great!!!  We went to the fish hatchery and spend the afternoon playing in the pool and jumpy house.  It was so nice to spend time with friends!!!

Sweet Petunia!

Fun in the Jumpy House


Who says the Jumpy water slide is just for Kids!

Not the most gracious thing to clim but but who cares....

Woo Hoo.... My friend Stacy Loved the slide!

The Girls (Stacy, Corrine and Petunia!)

Smile Ethan!

What a face!

My little Climbers!

Watch out!  Matthew has the squirter. 



Another shot from the fish hatchery from yesterday

feeding the fish

Wow that's a lot of fish!


Spinning in circles!
Such a handsome fella!

Another nice sunset followed by a killer storm

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