Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ninja warrior

The wolf pack... a group of people that train together for ninja warrior are almost all form colorado.  They train here in colorado.   They were doing an event in Longmont for Kids and our boys loved it!

Part of the course. 

Our friend Kadence falling off the rope ladder. 

This guy one Ninja Warrior one year! 

Kadence, Matthew, and Ethan look on with Wonder as they watch the wolf pack run the course that they just tried to do them selves.  They make it look so easy. 

Kadence is in love!

This guy won it once too... amazing!!

Future Ninja Warrior? 

Goofing off

Face Paint Time!

He was being a scary tiger type creature. 

Ethan loved his Itsy Bitsy Spider!

After Ninja Warrior we went to Boulder and walked around  the Perl Street Mall. 

The three kids just loved watching some of the street performers

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