Monday, July 18, 2016

Oh the cuteness of the many puppies in our lives

There are so many puppies in our lives right now that I just don't know what to take pictures of.  I can't believe how big Obie has gotten!!  He is gaining 10-15 pounds a week!  At just less than 20 weeks he is almost 55 pounds!  For a reference, Willoughby, who is 13 months is 56 pounds.  I fear this puppy is going to be huge!

Obie and his beloved sock monkey

I mean really, how does that not hurt your neck?

He's doing so well on outings!  Here he is sound asleep at the nursing home when I was doing rounds there  a few weeks ago.  The patients just love him. 

Just too cute and fuzzy!

Willoughby got to spend a few days with Irene and they became fast BFF's!

Oh, so sweet!!

I repeat... Obie, how on earth do you sleep like that????

So you can guess by the number of pictures i have like this that I find it really funny and he just seams to find it comfortable..... Puppies, just like kids, sleep in the strangest of positions!

Good Grief!  He is going to grow our of a large kennel before he is even 4 months old!

I am going to attempt to walk three generations of Guide Dog's.... wish me luck....

They actually did really well.  We are sitting across from a dog park working on dog distractions.  How come the youngest is the only one looking at me?

sometimes finding room in the car is tough....

he can sleep anywhere

so regal

SO NOT  regal

oh Willoughby.... you are such a goof!

wow... he can actually drink from the bath at three months!! unreal!!

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