Saturday, October 15, 2016

Family update

More cute pictures of the family and its activities. 

Ethan, now 3, and refusing to go to bed. 

Matthew did a flip off of the back room bunk beds and accidentally head butted the ceiling fan. He got a big gash in the side of his head and he broke the fan.  He likely could have gotten away without stitches but since we had our karate test that afternoon I was afraid it would bleed all over the place.  So we got it glued together.    

He was tired after all of the drama and so stayed home from daycare and took a nap. 

Sniff, Sniff.... adorable Obie!

Willoughby working hard at church. 

Such a handsome Willoughby!

Matthew just loves it when the princesses come and visit them at Goddard!

Ethan thinks the princesses area super pretty too.
Its a long story but matthew and I missed our belt permotion ceremony for our red belts.  We got there right at the end and they were willing to give us our belts anyways, 

We worked hard for this one!

Alex, Matthew, Ethan, Abbie's girl Kandance and I went to the Denver zoo for the Kaiser employee night.  Classic picture... the girl is looking pretty while the boys are stuffing their faces. 

Kandance was such a great helper!

"does any one see Ethan?"

why what big ears you have Matthew!

Celebrating Mom's 67th birthday with an ice cream cake at the playground. 

It takes a lot of hot air to blow out those 67 candles.... lol!!

I'm so happy to have my snugly Dilbert home!!!

The bushes mom planted are finally all blooming and boy are they pretty!

I love looking from my computer at work and seeing the picture of Matthew and I and the amazing art work that Mom did for me.  Reminds me that I am loved. 

So one is over 4 years old, one is 1 and a half and one is 6 months old..... which one is which.... you can't tell. 

I love this picture of Willoughby and Dilbert snuggling!

They are such sweet snuggle bugs!

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