Thursday, October 13, 2016


It's been a long three year of lots of work on both sides butt alex is finally graduated from PA school this past Saturday.  There were so many times when both of us thought we weren't going to make it through.  But some how by the grace of God; and by the fact that we are both too damn stubborn to fail... He graduated!  So he is now a physician's assistant... Oh the jokes I could make and how I could use that in my favor.... But given its his second masters in a totally different career than his first.... I think I'll choose not too. 😋

We all: Matthew, Ethan, Alex, Grandma Kaplun, Grandpa Kaplun and I, flew to Portland for the big event.  Since the graduation was on the west side of Portland in forest grove we decided to stay on the cost in a super tiny village called Oceanside.  It's just past Tillamook.  Yes that's tillamook as in tillamook the cheese and ice cream.... Super yumm!!!

We played for a few days while alex did his school stuff then we all went and enjoyed the big day.   Now that the celebrating is all done its time to head home and get down to business.  So... Who wants to hire a fresh out of school fourty something PA with no experience... Anyone, anyone?   Actually I do t think he will have trouble finding a job in our area. Everyone is in such high need of PA's that the jobs abound!! Here's hoping... After 9 years of this journey I am really ready for us to both be working again and get back to a normal "routine".  If south a thing really truly exists.

Below are some pictures of our fun trip to Portland and the Oregon coast. 

Boys and I in the VERY LAST row of the plane.

we made a tent to play in....

Phew... not sleeping in the plane after getting up at 4 am made for an exhausted child.

Best part of Oregon....... TILLAMOOK and its CHEESE and ICE CREAM!!!!!


We stayed at the coast and the boys had a blast.

we were super close to the ocean from our place.  The water was freezing but we had a great time anyways!

The boys were very taken by the ocean!

and of course they had to run in despite being in clothes and the fact that we told them not to.

My boy!!!

Amazing sunsets at the beach.

so pretty!

The next day we got in our suits and had a great time .... even though we couldn't feel our feet after about 10 seconds.

Handsome boy Ethan.

I'm checking out the view and the boys are looking for shells!

Yep... our butts were REALLY cold!!

My handsome Matthew.

Let's dig a hole!!!

The Best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had!!!

surfer dude

My boys in wetsuits trying to learn to ride the waves

He thinks he's surfing.

So gorgeous!

I went for a drive and a hike while the boys puts in the freezing cold water.....

super cool rocks!!!

Cool Light house.

The coast is so beautiful!

Kind of reminds me of Jurassic Park

I came back from my drive/hike and found the "men" were digging a giant hole in the sand.

Oh how I love that smile!!!!

We all got dressed in dry warm clothes and made fire....

I love that they allow fires on the beach.

Another beautiful sunset!

And it just get getting better!

Add caption

Wow!!  are you kidding me... it went from orange to pink.... I didn't photo shop this.

I know it is the same scene but it was just so beautiful but I couldn't stand it!!

The Next day was graduation day! We all drove to Forest grove to watch alex graduate.

we hung out in the back and played in the back while we waited for all of the people to go.

Grandma and Grandpa Kaplun hung out in the back too.

Alex stood in line waiting for his turn.

Yeah!!! he made it and is official

Oh, so sweet!


It was the weekend before Matthew's birthday so we celebrated it with the Kaplun's since we were all together.

My boys being goofs

Blowing our his candles.


Pizza on the plane home... YUMM!!!

Cool mountain/volcano from the plane!

It was a great weekend and we are all so proud of Alex for making it through it all! (school that is not a weekend with his family... ha ha!)

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