Saturday, April 10, 2010

How things change....

Alex's birthday was last month and mine is in a few weeks.  Typically we use our birthdays as an excuse to get fun new stuff for ourselves.  However, this year with a baby on the way our priorities changed.  We pooled money from respective parents and got the following stuff....   and you may ask, but don't you miss getting stuff for yourselves, not at all!

We have small cars so we finally broke down and got a roof top carrier so we could fit baby stuff and skies together in the car.  
This is one of the only things that Alex has gotten off of Craig's list that has been great.  We got it for half of what a new one would have cost and it was never used and doesn't have a scratch on it.  Way to go Alex!

While my parents were here they helped us pick out a pack n' play for their gift for us for our birthday's 

Anthony was not quite sure what to make of this monstrous thing, or the stuffed animal my parents bought us that makes noises. 

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