Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh, the decisions!

Alex and I scored, thanks to my dad, some great coupons to Baby's R Us.  They didn't last long so we felt we better go put them to good use on some big items.  So saturday night we went to pick out a stroller and car seat.  Most customers came in, looked at the strollers, picked one and left in under 20 minutes.  Not us.... we were there for nearly 2 1/2 hours trying to pick one.  There were just so many choices and none of them were perfect.   We were both so tired by the end that I really didn't care which one we got.   And poor Anthony, who has now been in this store so many times in the past week that every clerk greets him by name when we enter.

"What??? We have to go shopping, AGAIN? "

Poor Anthony has been on so many outing this past week that I am afraid he might go on strike soon.  He is such a "boy".  He loves to go on outings but is never thrilled about hard core shopping. 

He was such a good boy!!  While we shopped he just sat and watched us.  He didn't seem to understand why we kept pushing different strollers by him or why we would ask him to walk next to it to see how it worked with a puppy.  I think he thought we were pretty nuts!

After about 2 hours he finally just curled up and went to sleep, poor little guy. 

And after all the fuss, we ended up picking the stroller and car seat that matched our pack and play.  How silly!

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lauren said...

Don't feel bad...Anne went with me when I registered and picked out my stroller and we were there for HOURS! The stroller choice is impossible!