Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dinner out

This past Saturday evening Alex, my dad, Matthew, Vigo and I all climbed into the car and drove to Boulder for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, The Med.  It was a beautiful evening and we all had a great time.
Matthew takes a short nap before we leave.

Vigo snuggles up with the diaper bag on the way to Boulder.

Matthew's first big outing in public.

We were eating so Matthew decided he was hungry too.  Alex fed him while we ate, what a sweet husband.  No, not all the food is for Alex.....  The Med has Tapas for happy hour that are fantastic!  We ordered a bunch and shared them all.

A happy and fed mom and baby.

Vigo meanwhile used the diaper bag as a pillow...   I later realized that he probably was laying on it because I had kibble in it, in case it got late and he needed dinner before we got home.

Vigo on top of the diaper bag, The life of a Guide Dog Puppy is so tough.

Mr. Bright Eyes on the way home.  The picture is taken at a funny angle but look at those chub cheeks!

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