Friday, September 3, 2010

Sorry Grandma!

To say that my mother is AGAINST the use of pacifiers would be an understatement.  For a number of reasons she despises them.  I too am NOT a big fan but when your baby won't let you sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time.... you'll try anything.  

Last night I used the "uterus" beer - it makes sounds like a baby would hear in the womb.  It worked pretty well and he actually stayed asleep for one block of 2 hours!!

In an attempt to get a bit more than two hours of sleep in a night I bought Matthew a different pacifier today and he absolutely loves it.  He will sit for a long time and just happily suck and be happy instead of fussing for hours and instead of attaching him self to my milk makers for hours on end.  Our pediatrician said that if he is "sucking" on the boobies for more than about 15 minutes each then he isn't eating but rather just sucking.... and undoubtedly enjoying it.  She said it was fine to use a pacifier for the first few months.  

"uh oh, you aren't going to show this picture to Grandma are you?"

"Grandma.... will you forgive me and still love me even with a pacifier?   It makes me so happy and I think it will keep mommy from going insane at night."

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