Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo fun

By the time I go back to work Matthew is going to really hate my camera.  I took advantage of the fact that Matthew was awake and bright eyed this morning to take a few more pictures.  The outfit is still a bit big but still cute.  These aren't as good as the last ones I took but are still fun.

It almost looks like he is trying to smile

Grandma Johns made the quilt I am using as a background. 

I had to put this one up just because I thought it was funny.... "agh there is a giant colorful spider on my leg"

"Hmmmm  what can I do to get back at mommy for making me sit through more picture taking?"


Maddie and Jorinda said...

Awe! He looks so adorable! :)

The Camffermans said...

Awe! He is getting so big! He sure is a cutie, great job on the photos!