Thursday, January 6, 2011

Always learning and Matthew's buddy

I've found out quickly as a new mom that I learning something new about being a parent every day.  Matthew likes to constantly be held.  But sometimes I just have to put him down to get something done... bathroom, feed myself etc.    I have been trying to put him on his play matt or in the sing or in the ultrasaucer.  All of these will pacify him for about 3 minutes.  Then I finally watched as several babysitters put him on the ground on a blanket and one toy and he played happily forever.  Goes to show that some times more is not always better.  I wish I would have figured this out a few months ago.

And of course Vigo absolutely loves Matthew being on the floor.  Vigo things Matthew is the sweetest thing and loves to snuggle up to him and tries sometimes to lick him to pieces.  Matthew never seems to mind Vigo's stinky breath.  

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