Monday, January 31, 2011

A bit scarey

We live on a pond and we have tons of geese and ducks in our back yard.  We frequently have a huge fox that visits us too.  But recently we had a new visitor. Alex took a picture of him the other day.  I am not letting our kitty out anymore with out close supervision.

Coyote in our back yard. 

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Mandy and Saxon said...

hey Stacie,

I studied coyotes in college and how well they adapt to living in urban environments - they are super smart canines and tend to have distinct territories. I think watching your kitty is a darn good idea! They're not normally aggressive but would probably take the cat out without hesitation. I've seen them up on my mom's street and I don't even let the 12 year old 80 lb lab out by himself in the backyard anymore. Just not worth losing him! Good luck with the coyote! I love them, even though some people think they are a nuisance, and they want to eat my pets. :)