Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nice Weekend

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday's I was really glad to have a weekend to just sit at home, do laundry, clean the house and enjoy the company of family. 

Alex's Dad was finally able to come out and meet his Grandson.  Don't they look a lot alike?   

Matthew and Grandpa Kaplun have really enjoyed each other's company!  Lots of smiles and hugs to go around. 

A big winter storm moved in last night and so far we have already gotten over a half a foot.  Around lunch time I heard sirens and looked out in the back yard....  Rescue crews were in our pond trying to save a dog that had fallen in and couldn't get out.  After they saved the dog the crew swam around in the pond and seemed to be practicing rescue maneuvers.  It was a fun scene to watch.  I hope the dog got a warm bath when it got home.  (you can see the head of divers in the open spot in the pond on the left)

Vigo is back with us this week and he and I had fun playing in the snow.  He loves this Kong toy I got him.  We only use it in the snow and he throws it around and thinks it is just the coolest toy. 

Alex thought the sweater I put on him was really stupid... but I got it for super cheap and I just couldn't resist putting it on him just once.   Not that he needs it to stay warm though,he's constantly running. 

Even in the snow Vigo follows commands.  I told him to sit and sit he did.  Brrrrrr...

Vigo is a real snuggle bug.  Whenever I am on the floor he has to be right next to me.  Matthew is really getting in to textures and loves garbing Vigo's fur. 

Thankfully Vigo doesn't seem to mind being loved on by Matthew. 

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