Friday, November 2, 2012

The week in photos

It was a busy week again for the Kaplun houshehold.  Here are a few pictures I took during the week.  More to come when I have time to pull pictures off my real camera. 

Dilbert's favorite sleeping position in the car.

I picked up Matthew at day care yesterday and when I came back to the car this is what I found... what a   naughty puppy.   If he wern't so dang cute he would be in serious trouble.

Dilbert sound a sleep getting some quality back time during a meeting at work on Halloween.

"wow mom... look at all the candy in my bag!"

Matthew and Macy playing with his "stash" from trick o' treating.  What intense faces these two year old have when studying candy.

Mr. cow enjoying a cookie at his daycare Halloween party after the parade.  I didn't get any parade pictures because Matthew was terrified of the school's giant chicken costume and was screaming, shaking and clinging to his teacher.   Poor little guy!

For some reason this morning Matthew insisted that he keep his blanket over his head after getting up.  He refused to take it off and would scream bloody murder when I did.  He even went to day care like this and wouldn't let them take it off either.  What a goof!  If anyone understands the mind of a two year old let me know.

My "other" child kept going out into the hallway at work today and falling asleep like this.  He is becoming quite the exhibitionist.  Of course the staff love it and come by and pet his belly all the time. 

Matthew - Very excited to be watching a hockey practice after a fun evening swiming at the epic pool.  He loves "Hockey Ball" so much that we stood there for an hour watching.....

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