Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I absolutely loved my fifth guide dog puppy Dilbert.  He is now working in Texas.  His brother Denmark was career changed at 9 months of age and through a chain of events ended up with a friend of mine. I watch him when they go out of town.  He is so sweet and reminds me so much of Dilbert.

Denmark!  That is Matthew's and Ethan's "lake", it not for puppies to climb into. 

Agh!  There is a giant Doggie monster in our "lake".  Watch out, he might sink the ship. 

Finally after three days of running and playing non stop, Denmark and phantom finally take a rest.  It only took putting them both on tie downs and a gentle leader on Phantom. 

Denmark, Doggies aren't allowed in Matthew's Tent during story book time. 

Oh, such a sad face. 

I see you trying to slowly sneak your way in....

Matthew just loves puppies and he particularly loves to hug and play with Denmark. 

Denmark got a bath after 4 days of playing and being slobbered on by Phantom.  Since he isn't a Guide dog any more he got to snuggle and take a nap on the bed after his "shampoo and style". 

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