Thursday, July 3, 2014

More water fun

Its been pretty warm around here lately so I've been taking the boys to the sprinkler parks a lot lately.  Ethan really seems to be getting the hang of walking and seems to suddenly be growing up so fast.  Where does the time go?

Fun times at the sprinkler park behind our house. 

My little boy is starting to look so big!

Matthew is trying to stop as many spouts as he can with the help of Ethan of course. 

The boys crawled into one of the many kennels we have around the house and I jokingly shut the door to take what I thought would be a cute picture..... Matthe thought is was super funny.... Ethan, not so much. 

More sprinkler fun

Clap, clap clap 

I have so much fun just watching them play in the water. 

I've taken to using a grocery cart type basket to carting all of our stuff around when we go to the big  sprinkler park and playground.  This time I had extra room so I just put Ethan in the cart as well.  Worked great. 

Matthew graciously agreed to share his coffee cake snack with Ethan. 

Little did Matthew know that once Ethan got his hands on it, his cake would be no more. 

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