Thursday, April 16, 2015

Eddie update

So Eddie made it through his big three day evaluation with our CFR and came back with a two page list of things he needs to work on.     The poor little guy still won't eat and when he does he gets explosive diarrhea.  He is getting rediculously skinny and his ribs are sticking out.  So finally we got approval to take him to the vet for a full work up.  Now he is on medicines for parasites - they suspect a tape worm.  And he's on a medication to prevent him from having diarrhea AND he is on prescription dry food and wet food to try and get him to gain wait.  Good grief... Poor little puppy!!!
Since he was having terrible diarrhea I let him snuggle his "Eli" at work. 

What a silly puppy

Eddie!  You have gotten your tie down all stuck around the table again!  

Eddie!  I turn my back for a second and the next thing I know you are on the couch!  Really?!?!

No Really Eddie!  I said get down and have taken you down three times now.  For real this time... Guide dog puppies DON'T sleep on the couch!

Let me set the stage for this picture.  I was putting Ethan to bed and it was 9 pm the night before I was hosting two separate parties.  What this picture doesn't show is that his tie down smeared his poop all over the floor!  UGH!  I had to steam mop the whole floor - it really stunk!  Literally!

No Eddie... you may not come up on the couch and snuggle with me! 

EDDIE!!!!  again... why are you on the couch again!!!

At the end of Amanda's bridal shower I was throwing she wanted to snuggle with both her doggie and Eddie.  I allowed him on the couch for just a minute for the picture. 

Eddie -you are so cute and were so good during the shower I was throwing. 

Eddie put himself in the shower, I guess he thinks he needs a bath. 

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